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A cloud-based SaaS platform built on trust and security

As a company, Odigo adheres to the principle of “security by design”, strengthened by a range of security measures and controls. Our CCaaS solutions are hosted via a cloud computing platform within the Odigo environment. The cloud architecture makes the platform impervious to data leaks between clients and protects it from being bypassed due to misconfigured security.

Benefit from the security advantages of a cloud-based platform

Enhanced data centre and network security

Ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data with a solution provider which adheres to industry best practices and Ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data with a solution provider which adheres to industry best practices and provides 24/7/365 customer support to handle security alerts and events. Odigo servers are only hosted in facilities with recognised standards and certifications such as a minimum Tier III level standard, PCI DSS and/or ISO 27001 certifications.

Reinforced application security

Keep your customer data safe by securely developing and testing against security threats. Odigo third-party security experts regularly perform thorough penetration tests and vulnerability assessments on different applications within the product family.

Improved product security

Seamlessly manage access and share policies through single sign-on (SSO) authentication schemes. Communications with Odigo servers are encrypted and designed for separated instances, in accordance with best-of-breed industry standards.

Proven additional security methodologies

Rely on a cloud-based platform that also maximises security with regards to human resources (recruitment, training, awareness) and subcontractors management.

World-class compliance, certifications and memberships

Benefit from the implementation of security best practices in order to not only meet industry-based compliance, but also the most stringent, specific requirements.

Trust a security-first cloud-based platform

Odigo cloud platform meets and exceeds modern industry security standards to guarantee the safety of your data.


Micro-segmentation, software filtering, encryption of hard drives, backups and data in transit ensure data privacy at all times.

Systems and data integrity

Intrusion prevention systems, anti-malware controls and virtual patching that accelerate deployment and reduce exposure to threats and vulnerabilities guarantee integrity.

Availability and resilience

Located on different sites, Odigo data centres benefit from a range of high availability mechanisms.


Real-time log monitoring through our security event information management (SIEM) solutions that raise alerts to the Odigo Security Operation Centre (SOC). This is complemented by annual audits and penetration test campaigns on shared and partner environments.

Achieve compliance and ensure data privacy

Odigo data centres adhere to strict industry-specific regulatory standards that help ensure data privacy.


Odigo applies internationally recognised IT security standards. Started in 2012, the following recertifications occurs on a yearly basis:

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, certifying security and quality management systems for all Odigo services.
  • PCI-DSS, certifying the payment services modules of Odigo at delivery points of presence (POP).


ISO 9001 certification
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Odigo Certificate – ISO 27001
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Odigo Certificate – PCI-DSS POP UK
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Odigo Certificate PCI-DSS Call&Pay
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Odigo Certificate – HDS – Module Record
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CRM integration

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UC integration

Exploit communication opportunities by connecting internal and external business tools such as Teams.

AI connectors

Integrate your Odigo CCaaS solution with AI from industry leaders, such as Google Dialogflow and IBM Watson.


Connect all your CRM, UCaaS, WFO, AI and ERP/IS solutions through a wide range of application programming interfaces (APIs).

The Odigo Global Voice Network

Benefit from a global reach through the Odigo Global Voice Network that integrates with local telcos in over 100 countries.