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Odigo partners

Odigo builds partnerships with like-minded, dedicated individuals and brands who strive to continuously improve customer experience.

Odigo resellers

We form meaningful partnerships with resellers that share our passion and vision for the continuous enhancement of CX on all channels.

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  • Reselling partners are leaders in the contact centre business. 
  • Solutions built with state-of-the-art technologies for customers worldwide. 
  • Resellers implement customised versions of Odigo solutions.
  • Additional consulting services to help you deliver excellent CX.
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Become a reseller

  • Clear go-to-market strategies from an enterprise market leader.
  • Exclusive access to a comprehensive resource portal with customised sales, marketing and training materials.
  • Support from dedicated professionals and experts through every phase of your customer engagement.
  • Extensive lead generation and sales opportunities.
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Odigo Connect

Odigo Connect is our ecosystem, featuring vendors whose solutions complement Odigo’s to provide the best CX imaginable.

Benefits for Odigo clients 

  • Enhance your Odigo platform with complementary solutions.
  • Search intuitively through the latest innovations.
  • Deliver future-proof CX with Odigo’s open solution and range of integrating technologies.
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Benefits for Odigo technological partners 

  • Access to a wide network of Odigo enterprise clients.
  • Increase in business with leads generated by Odigo.
  • Take advantage of Odigo’s promotional campaigns.
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