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With Amazon Web Services, the sky’s the limit

Odigo has been helping brands improve their CX for over 35 years through innovative CCaaS solutions. Continuing this mission for years to come means partnerships with technological leaders must be forged, both to help Odigo continuously evolve its CCaaS solutions to meet the needs of clients, and to stay a leader ahead of the pack. Amazon Web Services provides the tools that allow contact centres to focus their resources and efforts on the customer and agent experience and away from upkeep and maintenance. Scalability in a cloud-native contact centre is not just a possibility, it’s a reliable process.

Why AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) was established in 2006 to build up on-demand cloud computing and associated APIs. Odigo chose AWS for their public cloud needs because they are a global technological leader — AWS commands 40% market share on the global cloud computing market, proving it can handle Odigo’s 250 enterprise clients in over 100 countries around the world. Furthermore, AWS has a particularly large presence in Europe thanks to their ability to tune into local and regional needs, including specific concerns with data confidentiality.

How have Odigo and AWS grown together?

The Odigo-AWS connection humbly began back in 2020, when the two companies signed a B2B customer contract for Odigo to use AWS public cloud hosting services for its CCaaS solutions. From there, Odigo and AWS developed mutual confidence and trust in each other, and the relationship morphed from a purely technical relationship to a bona fide business partnership.

The next major milestone in the relationship came with the integration of the AWS cloud into the Odigo solution, which commenced in 2021, and the accompanying work to boost acceptance for a public cloud-backed CCaaS platform. The vast majority of Odigo customers have embraced public cloud hosting thanks to its security, scalability and worldwide presence. Thanks to AWS cloud solutions, Odigo can provide its clients with two major product releases per year so that they can stay at the forefront of CCaaS innovations.

In April 2022, Odigo decided to be listed on AWS Marketplace, where Odigo’s best-in-class CCaaS solutions are now available for AWS customers to purchase based on public prices or private offers.

What can Odigo and AWS achieve together?

The Odigo-AWS partnership was born out of a sincere desire for two companies with complementary technologies to work more closely together and develop a deep, mutual bond. Being able to leverage a secure public cloud solution means a solid foundation for Odigo to explore and develop further CX-boosting technology. Major initiatives on both sides are ongoing to strengthen the partnership between AWS and Odigo. This long-term connection is strong and will only become stronger, as opportunities for cross-selling and other forms of mutually-beneficial collaboration arise.