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Integrate your social media alongside other contact centre channels

Customers increasingly engage with you on social media platforms. Enable your contact centre to provide personalised service on social media and earn customer loyalty.

Transform social media into a conversational hub

Provide rewarding customer service through:

  • Increased engagement and reactivity.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced brand reputation.
  • Maximised sales.
  • Unified customer outreach

 Enable your contact centre to support customers through social media

Omnichannel and unified console

Display a centralised view of all your digital channels, including social media.

Real-time statistics and analytics

Monitor your omnichannel results and manage your KPIs in real-time.

Contextual routing

Connect social media users to the contact centre agents with the right customer service or sales skills.

Predictive typing

Anticipate and understand customer intent over social media.

Spell checker

Ensure high-quality communication without grammar or spelling mistakes.

Virtual assistant for automatic responses

Send automatic acknowledgement and/or responses via a choice of templates with agent supervision.

Comprehensive view of interactions

Provide contact centre agents with the customer data they need, including message status and history of interactions.

See how Odigo social media solutions can help your contact centre

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  • Increased reactivity
  • Assisted agents
  • Enhanced brand reputation
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Better performance on every channel


Strengthen your abilities to deal with this increasingly crucial customer service channel.


Send accurate responses to complex customer service queries and avoid potential overloads.

Live chat

Provide timely and context-based support from your virtual or human customer service agents.

Instant messaging

Respond to customers’ needs in real-time.


Cut wait times and communicate with all customers, on any phone.


Assist customers by seeing what they see, using co-browsing.