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Improve contact centre performance

Contact centre optimisation improves your business performance. We can help you turn your contact centre KPIs into growth drivers.

Turn your contact centre KPIs into a roadmap for business growth

Data-driven approach

Operationalise your data with a dashboard that displays the latest customer information to maximise reporting and supervision efficiency.

Measurable results

Get clear, real-time insights into customer satisfaction (CSAT), first call resolution rate (FCR) and average handle time (AHT).

Quality of service

Continuously measure and assess your quality of service to guide your decision-making and ensure customer satisfaction.

Automatic upgrades

Effortlessly add new analytics and monitoring features and functionalities with every spring and winter product release.

Maximised resources

Optimise your contact centre performance with resource management strategies that help you tackle peaks in volume and enable efficient agent planning.

Contact centre performance boosters


Ensure quality management and support to drive agent performance and customer satisfaction.


Adopt a data-driven approach that operationalises your customer information.


Capture all your vocal interactions for easy transcription and analysis.

Quality management

Tracking the right KPIs enables the real-time assessment, coaching and training that improves contact centre agent performance.

Workforce management

Empower your agents with the flexibility to schedule, swap and bid for shifts.

Improving contact centre KPIs with Odigo

See how you can improve contact centre performance with Odigo

  • Higher FCR rates
  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Real-time analytics
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To improve the performance levels of your contact centre, adopt a data-driven approach that tracks the right KPIs while fostering collaborative agent support that enables quality control and supervision.
Elisabeth De Longeaux Product Marketing Manager at Odigo
Elisabeth De Longeaux

Performance and optimisation insights

June 1, 20213 min Make your vocal branding a strategic customer relationship asset

2021 has ushered in the age of voice, meaning a brand’s vocal identity is nearly as important as its logo. As voice assistants are increasingly becoming part of our daily lives, brands must grasp and meet the latest challenges of vocal branding. To ensure customers easily recognise them without the help of a logo or graphic interface, brands first need to ask themselves the right questions.

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May 3, 20213 min How contact centres are finetuning work from home

It’s been a year now since COVID-19 struck and changed the way people communicate and deliver customer experience (CX). To succeed, businesses have adapted to changing behaviours, and a clearer picture of what has worked, and what hasn’t, is coming into view. So based on lessons learnt, how can contact centres optimise their work from home models?

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December 10, 2020 Reshaping user experience and improving agent satisfaction through gamification

Meeting KPIs and customer expectations requires top-notch operations and cutting-edge technology, but the human touch is vital to developing brand-customer relationships. When it comes to customer experience (CX), training and empowering employees with tools is important but ensuring their happiness is key. In recent years, the gamification of user experience has become a much-vaunted method to raise contact centre agent morale. But does it actually work? Read on to find out.

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Elisabeth De Longeaux
Elisabeth De Longeaux Product Marketing Manager at Odigo

Johanna Raux
Johanna Raux Bid Manager at Odigo

Thibault Gilardoni
Thibault Gilardoni Senior Sales Representative in Charge of Partner Offers at Odigo