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Contact centre recording for effective quality assurance

Capture the raw data essential to building and maintaining customer experience excellence.

Enhance the value of contact centre recording

Odigo contact centre recording enables you to:

  • Monitor customer experience quality and develop improvement strategies by analysing interactions between your agents and your customers.
  • Record as much or as little as you need to satisfy legal and business rule requirements.
  • Deploy intuitive recording controls that can be used by agents and supervisors from their dashboards.

Flexible and simple-to-use contact centre recording

Quality management integration

Feed raw recording data to your contact centre quality management and workforce management solutions, as well as your customer relationship management (CRM) software.


Enable both agents and supervisors to start and stop recording with a single click, and predefine recording procedures in accordance with your interactive voice recording (IVR) and business rules, ensuring you only capture as the data you need.

Web-based interface

Deploy a recording system that enables users to find specific recordings and access statistics quickly and easily.

Cost reduction

Manage contact centre data storage costs by choosing how long data should be kept and selecting the appropriate recording quality and formats, only paying for the capacity you use.

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  • Customer experience monitoring
  • Targeted agent coaching
  • Cost control and regulatory compliance
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Contact centre performance boosters


Ensure quality management and support to drive agent performance and customer satisfaction.


Adopt a data-driven approach that operationalises your customer information.

Quality management

Tracking the right KPIs enables the real-time assessment, coaching and training that improves contact centre agent performance.

Workforce management

Empower your agents with the flexibility to schedule, swap and bid for shifts.