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Odigo and IBM — continuously growing together

For over 35 years, Odigo has been helping brands improve their CX through innovative CCaaS solutions. To stay a leader ahead of the pack and evolve its CCaaS offer, Odigo partners with technological leaders capable of helping Odigo extend its functionalities. IBM is a trusted business ally and Odigo is committed to working alongside this market leader to discover and expand new business opportunities.

Why IBM?

Many words have been written about IBM’s excellence in cloud computing. IBM shares with Odigo a commitment to openness, as they have shared knowledge surrounding their architecture to collaborate on a stable and secure connector. Though they have a reputation for being relentless innovators, IBM is rooted in the creation of technology products, just as Odigo is. In this respect, the mindset and approach of a software integrator has made IBM a leader in delivering holistic solutions. Our combined know-how and expertise adds immense value for large enterprises leveraging Odigo CCaaS solutions.

How have Odigo and IBM grown together?

The story of the Odigo-IBM partnership first began in 2018 in the UK when Odigo – before confirming its strategy towards the public cloud in 2020 – helped some of its clients leverage IBM’s private cloud hosting services by renting cloud space on IBM’s data centres. That same year in Spain, the two companies used their collective expertise to develop for an Odigo client a connector integrating the CCaaS platform with IBM Watson, IBM’s flagship AI product. In 2020, that joint connector was made available as an off-the-shelf solution to all customers.

The Odigo-IBM partnership further strengthened in 2021, when IBM began reselling Odigo CCaaS solutions. Initially, the two companies worked together in the Spain and UK markets, with discussions already underway about collaboration and resale opportunities in other EU markets.

What can Odigo and IBM achieve together?

IBM’s AI innovations complement Odigo’s ability to facilitate interactions between agents and customers, and Odigo’s interactive voice response (IVR) is boosted thanks to IBM’s information and communications technology (ICT) capabilities. Through Odigo and IBM’s multi-layered partnership, the two companies have proven the ability to win new clients together, this ever-expanding partnership looks forward into the future, ready and determined to reach new markets.

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