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Bring efficiency and convenience to your contact centre by leveraging SMS alerts, notifications and reminders

Integrate the SMS channel to provide your customers with seamless conversation across channels.

Give customers a way to interact with your contact centre when they don’t have time for a call

Contact centre text messaging makes context and content readily available, so resuming conversations at any time is effortless.
Increased convenience

Choose a channel that combines unmatched open rates with universal accessibility.

Faster responses

Use text messaging to make interactions with your contact centre more spontaneous and provide quick answers whatever the situation.

Reviewable conversation history

Operationalise the data you have collected to enable your contact centre agents to provide rewarding experiences over SMS.

Improved customer loyalty

Give your contact centre agents access to a channel known for driving customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

What does an SMS contact centre solution deliver?

Agent-assisted tools

Leverage all digital channel tools to help your contact centre agents deliver rewarding customer experiences via SMS.

Conversational SMS

Use text messaging interactions to enable your contact centre agents to handle complex tasks without making customers change channels.

See how Odigo SMS solutions can help your contact centre

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  • Proactive outreach
  • Real-time performance feedback
  • Flexible deployment
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