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Boost contact centre performance with behavioural targeting software

Respond to customers’ online activity by prompting them to engage with a bot or human agent.

Create opportunities to drive customer engagement with behavioural targeting software

 Behavioural targeting identifies individuals actively considering your products or services and makes it easy for them to take the next step.

Identify and engage sales prospects with behavioural targeting

Efficient, automated, effective

  • Invite sales prospects directly to a chat conversation.
  • Be ready to answer a customer’s questions thanks to insights into their recent browsing behaviour.
  • Qualify and route interactions more accurately based on browsing behaviour.

 Add behavioural targeting to your contact centre 

Powerful targeting engine 

Deploy targeting filters, campaign reach analysis and shopping funnel tracking in a single solution.

Refined targeting

Improve targeting accuracy with in-depth analysis of geolocation, session time and history of pages visited.

Message personalisation

Automatically generate personalised messages to initiate conversations.

See behavioural targeting software in action

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  • Smoother brand communication
  • Refined knowledge of the customer
  • Improved sales
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Find out more about designing your call routing strategy

Automated call distribution

Optimise your operations to increase efficiency and reduce average handle times.

Skills management

Finetune your call routing strategy to connect your customers to the agents ideally suited to help them.

Contextual routing software

Understand the nature of customer interactions to achieve swift resolution.