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Add convenience to contact centre interactions with instant messaging

Enable your agents and customers to connect through an additional, efficient media channel.

Engage with your customers – whenever and wherever they want

Make your presence felt on the future key customer relation channel.
Memorable customer experience

Provide spontaneous, informal interactions with rich content (media, photos, links, GIFs).

Enhanced personalisation

Understand a customer’s real-time needs and provide relevant care based on location, history and preferences.

Managed traffic peaks

Help your agents focus on queues when needed (agents don’t have to respond to instant messaging straight away).

Increased savings

Reduce expenses by managing conversations on a channel that has lower processing costs.

What does an instant messaging contact centre solution deliver?

Asynchronous conversations

Enable customers to make non-urgent requests via instant messaging instead of adding to traffic on synchronous channels such as phone lines.

Real-time interactions

Provide your contact centre agents with the ability to easily switch between multiple instant messaging conversations, in real-time, depending on customers’ needs.

Automatic answers and FAQ bots

Leverage the natural language understanding (NLU) technology of Odigo to ensure FAQ bots are able to understand and answer your customers’ requests.

Real-time online status

Enable your contact centre agents to check if customers are available online before engaging them via instant messaging.

Receipt confirmation

Inform your agents if their messages have been successfully delivered to customers and whether they have been read.

Video chat

Engage with customers over a video call, one of the closest online equivalents to face-to-face communication.

See how Odigo instant messaging solutions can help your contact centre

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  • Proactive outreach
  • Real-time performance feedback
  • Flexible deployment
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Better performance on every channel


Strengthen your abilities to deal with this increasingly crucial customer service channel.


Send accurate responses to complex customer service queries and avoid potential overloads.

Live chat

Provide timely and context-based support from your virtual or human customer service agents.

Social media

Improve communication with customers on emerging channels.


Cut wait times and communicate with all customers, on any phone.


Assist customers by seeing what they see, using co-browsing.