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Live chat – enable your contact centre to provide answers quickly

Live chat boosts customer satisfaction and increases conversion rates by giving quick answers.

Give your contact centre live chat capabilities

Offer personalised interactions with:

  • Call volume reductions.
  • Ideally-timed customer engagement.
  • Easier customer acquisition and onboarding.
  • Faster resolutions.

Improve your contact centre customer service with live chat

Real-time statistics and analytics

Monitor your omnichannel results and manage your KPIs in real-time.

Contextual triggers

Leverage behavioural targeting based on customer journey, segmentation, products or pages viewed.

Contextual routing according to your business rules

Easily route customer service and sales chats to the right agent.

Efficient co-browsing support

See what your customers see and provide your agents with the full context of a customers’ interaction from their digital footprint.

Predictive typing

Anticipate and understand customer intent during a live chat.

Spell checker

Ensure high-quality communication without grammar or spelling mistakes.

See how Odigo live chat solutions can help your contact centre

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  • Timely, meaningful customer experiences
  • 360-degree customer views
  • Reduced customer effort scores (CES)
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