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Design a call routing strategy that boosts efficiency and customer satisfaction

A call routing strategy that includes software capable of instantly connecting your customers with the agent best able to help is fundamental to customer satisfaction.

Define the best call routing strategy with Odigo

Maximise efficiency with routing software that enables sophisticated and adaptable routing and qualification strategies. Every Odigo call routing strategy is customised to meet clients’ needs, but typically follows these steps:
Step 1
Identify your customer along with their intent and history
Step 2
Determine the required agent skill and experience
Step 3
Evaluate the availability of resources in your contact centre
Step 4
Assess current and expected wait times
Step 5
Select the agent ideally suited for your customer by factoring in relevant criteria

Boost your contact centre’s efficiency with Odigo routing software

Improved results

Meet KPIs like customer satisfaction (CSAT), net promoter score (NPS) and first contact resolution (FCR).

Meaningful CX

Improve every customer’s experience with a call routing strategy that connects them to the best resource for their needs.

Unprecedented personalisation

Give your customers the customised care and attention they expect.

Swift resolutions

Speed up successful customer journeys with skill-based distribution that saves time for agents and customers.

Convenient service

Propose callbacks if wait times are too long.

Rewarding AX

Enable agents to become specialists handling specific interaction types, improving agent experience.

Reduced AHT

Streamline your conversations and reduce average handle time (AHT) with routing software that enables accurate pre-qualification.

Find out more about designing your call routing strategy

Automated call distribution

Optimise your operations to increase efficiency and reduce average handle times.

Skills management

Finetune your call routing strategy to connect your customers to the agents ideally suited to help them.

Contextual routing software

Understand the nature of customer interactions to achieve swift resolution.

Behavioural targeting

Respond to customers’ online activity with automated prompts to chat with a bot or agent.

Refining their call routing strategy with Odigo

See Odigo routing software in action

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  • Higher customer engagement
  • Skill-based distribution
  • Reduced wait times
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Intelligent routing software makes life easier for both customers and agents. As the engine of our CCaaS solution, it is key to high customer satisfaction, rewarding agent experience and maximised operational efficiency.
Elisabeth De Longeaux Product Marketing Manager at Odigo
Elisabeth De Longeaux

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Elisabeth De Longeaux
Elisabeth De Longeaux Product Marketing Manager at Odigo

Steven Harris
Steven Harris Director, Strategic Clients at Odigo

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