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Make every email to your contact centre count

Your email channel remains one of the most convenient ways for your customers to get in touch. An effective Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solution supports customer email management for improved customer service.

Use email management to personalise customer service in your contact centre

Offer rewarding customer experience via email for:

  • Faster, more efficient responses.
  • Higher customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced average handle time (AHT).
  • Lower costs while maximising productivity.

Transform how your contact centre handles email

Contextual routing based on your business rules

Easily route emails and choose the configuration you prefer (IMPA, POP, Postmark).

Comprehensive history of interactions

Benefit from up-to-the-minute message status along with a full history of clients’ interactions with your organisation.

Omnichannel console

Provide a centralised view of all your digital channels, including email.

Virtual assistant

Send automatic acknowledgement and/or responses via a choice of templates, monitored by your agents.

Spell checker

Ensure high-quality email communication without grammar or spelling mistakes.

Enhanced email management features

Categorise, forward, archive and postpone emails for more efficient contact centre email management.

Real-time statistics and analytics

Monitor your omnichannel results and manage your KPIs in real-time.

Boosting contact centre email efficiency with Odigo

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  • Faster resolutions
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced AHT
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