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Odigo Connect

Odigo Connect is a marketplace where existing Odigo clients can find complementary technologies that help personalise Odigo’s CX capabilities even further. 

Odigo Connect is THE marketplace to grow your business

Our new platform helps you find additional solutions which can enhance your CX. Use our easy and intuitive search bar to find what you’re looking for.

Take your CX to the next level by integrating your innovative Odigo platform with the latest complementary solutions

Odigo strives to provide the best CX with our leading Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solution. We want our clients to be able to integrate other leading innovations and tailor their solution to meet the unique needs of their own customers. 

Find all the state-of-the art technologies that power CCaaS

AI, omnichannel capabilities and NLU are examples of the latest innovations that can be changed out with components in your existing solution. They can all be found on Odigo Connect.

Get components to boost your CX

CRM integration, workforce management and UCaaS are just a few of the complementary solutions that you can find on Odigo Connect to turn your CCaaS setup into an all-in-one essential work tool.


  • Enhance your Odigo platform with complementary solutions
  • Search intuitively through the latest innovations 
  • Deliver future-proof CX with Odigo’s open solution and range of integrating technologies 

Are you a solution provider interested in joining Odigo Connect?