Omnichannel console

With customer questions coming through any channel, agents need to be able to see them all in one place and how they relate to each other. Odigo provides an omnichannel agent console that puts queries in context, and can be used from anywhere.


Customer insights

It’s much easier to satisfy someone if you know them – what they do, where they are, and what they’ve wanted before. Odigo provides agents with a 360-degree overview of past interactions, and the context of the current interaction, so they can get straight to the heart of the matter.


Self-service bots

Agents want to concentrate on the kind of questions that need human brain power and experience to answer. Helping customers resolve complex issues is far more satisfying than telling the 900th person how to reset their password – Odigo deploys self-service bots to deal with the tedious tasks.


Custom training

Odigo solutions come with a complete set of training material as standard, and there is an option to engage an Odigo Academy trainer to design courses customized for your organization and sector.