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Better agent experience improves your contact center’s efficiency

Happy, satisfied agents are more committed to delivering customer satisfaction.

The keys to excellent agent experience

Give your agents the ability to manage interactions on any channel using efficient, easy-to-use tools. Ensure they always have access to the information they need to do their jobs well. 

Improving agent experience is a key factor in solving contact center challenges

Odigo solutions help you achieve:

  • Higher customer satisfaction through in-depth customer knowledge and quick case resolution.
  • Better agent retention thanks to employees feeling engaged and recognized for their work.
  • Increased efficiency resulting from a strong focus on UX design and business needs.

Create better agent experience

Unified console

An intuitive, one-screen working environment with built-in onboarding for every feature.

360-degree customer view

Instant, guided access to the full history of interactions with a customer, and their current conversation with your brand.

Interactive widgets

Enable agents to dynamically access information and perform tasks relevant to a customer interaction and its context, directly from the console.

Unified communication integration

Integrate 3rd party communication platforms such as Teams to take advantage of both technologies in one single interface.

Malakoff Humanis Isabelle Rault-Diamé
14% of our incoming call flow is automated. Of that 14%, 47% is managed without the help of an agent.
Isabelle Rault-Diamé
Customer Relationships Director

Malakoff Humanis

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Chronopost Frédéric Bernard
We observed an improvement in regards to ease-of-management and reporting, which has led to increased productivity and better management.
Frédéric Bernard
Customer Experience Director


Read the success story
  • Malakoff Humanis
  • Chronopost

Agent experience insights

June 1, 20215 min Make your vocal branding a strategic customer relationship asset

2021 has ushered in the age of voice, meaning a brand’s vocal identity is nearly as important as its logo. As voice assistants are increasingly becoming part of our daily lives, brands must grasp and meet the latest challenges of vocal branding. To ensure customers easily recognize them without the help of a logo or graphic interface, brands first need to ask themselves the right questions.

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May 3, 20213 min How contact centers are finetuning work from home

It’s been a year now since COVID-19 struck and changed the way people communicate and deliver customer experience (CX). To succeed, businesses have adapted to changing behaviors, and a clearer picture of what has worked, and what hasn’t, is coming into view. So based on lessons learned, how can contact centers optimize their remote work models?

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December 10, 2020 Reshaping user experience and improving agent satisfaction through gamification

Meeting KPIs and customer expectations requires top-notch operations and cutting-edge technology, but the human touch is vital to developing brand-customer relationships. When it comes to customer experience (CX), training and empowering employees with tools is important but ensuring their happiness is key. In recent years, the gamification of user experience has become a much-vaunted method to raising contact center agent morale. But does it actually work? Read on to find out.

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  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Better agent retention
  • More efficient operations
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