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Provide better customer experience with contextual routing

 Understand the context of customer interactions to achieve swifter resolutions.

Contextual routing automation helps you understand what your customers want

 Increase the value of conversations with routing automation based on customer profile, interaction history and intent.

Enrich customer satisfaction with contextual routing

Odigo contextual routing software

  • A tailor-made customer engagement strategy built on multiple routing and distribution rules.
  • Define and configure routing rules with a clear and comprehensive interface.
  • Optimized routing rule development with pre-launch testing and analysis.
  • Improved average handle time (AHT), first contact resolution (FCR) and customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Add contextual routing efficiency to your contact center

Intuitive interface

A simple-to-use interface for setting up and refining the routing rules that put your customer engagement strategy into practice.

Time-sensitive routing rules

Configure contextual routing rules to apply on specific dates and at specific times.

Data-rich routing decisions

Leverage data from your CRM or other business tools to automatically route customer interactions to the right agent.

Routing rule analysis

Simulate and validate contextual routing rules before putting them into operation, and analyze the effectiveness of the rules currently in use.

Improving customer satisfaction with Odigo contextual routing

Discover the benefits of contextual routing in our use cases

How contextual routing improves customer and agent experiences while increasing contact center efficiency

What is the best way for a semi-public utility company to route customers to the right agent at the right time in order to drive customer loyalty and engage agents?

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See Odigo contextual routing in action

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  • Satisfying customer service
  • Improved agent support
  • Reduced Average Handle Time (AHT)
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Find out more about designing your routing strategy

Automated call distribution

Optimize your operations to increase efficiency and reduce average handle times.

Skills management

Finetune your routing strategy to connect your customers to the agents ideally suited to help them.

Behavioral targeting

Respond to customers’ online activity with automated prompts to chat with a bot or agent.