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Automated call distribution (ACD)

Optimize your contact center operations to reduce average handle times and increase efficiency.

Automated call distribution boosts customer satisfaction

Route incoming calls to the agent best qualified to address a caller’s needs, or to an omnichannel bot, with an automated call distribution (ACD) system. The reduced handle time means less waiting and more satisfying service for your customers.

 Enhance your operational efficiency with ACD

Improved customer satisfaction

Resolve customer queries more quickly by ensuring they are handled by the right agent with the right skills or by a virtual system where that is more efficient.

Increased agent productivity

Make the best use of your agents’ time with a unified console and workforce optimisation tools that ensure rapid and accurate interactions.

Lower contact center costs

Optimize the use of your contact center resources and meet efficiency KPIs by gathering the data needed to continuously improve your distribution rules.

Add ACD efficiency boosters to your contact center

Sophisticated routing

Route interactions to the best agent or virtual system for the job based on a range of contextual factors such as customer intent and the history of interactions with that customer.

VIP response

Immediately route individuals you have identified as VIP callers to the most appropriate agent or the top of the queue.

Operational consistency

Make the most efficient use of agents spread across remote locations and time zones.

Callback facility

Improve customer experience by enabling callers to opt for a callback instead of waiting in a queue.

Discover the benefits of ACD in our use cases

How contextual routing improves customer and agent experiences while increasing contact center efficiency

What is the best way for a semi-public utility company to route customers to the right agent at the right time in order to drive customer loyalty and engage agents?

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Leveraging automated call distribution to boost their contact centers

See Odigo automated call distribution in action

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  • Reduced wait times
  • Agent specialization
  • Improved efficiency
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Find out more about designing your routing strategy

Skills management

Finetune your routing strategy to connect your customers to the agents ideally suited to help them.

Contextual routing software

Understand the nature of customer interactions to achieve swift resolution.

Behavioral targeting

Respond to customers’ online activity with automated prompts to chat with a bot or agent.