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Informed, effective operational control for contact center supervisors

Give your supervisors the tools to monitor and maximize agent performance and customer satisfaction in real time.

Empower your contact center supervisors to make informed decisions

Odigo supervision solution provides:

  • Essential metrics for rapid decision making that supports your business goals.
  • Easy-to-understand visual presentation of metrics on a single dashboard.
  • Real-time suggestions for maximizing contact center operational efficiency and simple tools for taking action to improve performance.
Data is essential to understanding how your contact center is performing, but it can be hard to interpret. Odigo supervision solutions present the information your supervisors need in a form they can instantly understand, enabling them to take rapid action to keep performance on track.
Guillaume Schwoerer Lead Product Manager at Odigo
Guillaume Schwoerer

Odigo supervision solution provide decision-making clarity

Configurable dashboards

Equip your supervisors with dashboards customized to present the information relevant to their area of responsibility.

Monitoring data

Deploy one-click access to in-depth agent activity and traffic monitoring views, giving your supervisors fine-grained visibility and control in these critical areas.


Make performance issues immediately visible to your supervisors with a customizable alert feature.

Alert status tracking

Enable supervisors to track the development and resolution of performance issues with alert status color coding.

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  • Enhanced customer service
  • Improved agent productivity
  • Improved first contact resolution rates
  • Business-goal focused decision making
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Contact center performance boosters


Adopt a data-driven approach that operationalizes your customer information.


Capture all your vocal interactions for easy transcription and analysis.

Quality management

Tracking the right KPIs enables the real-time assessment, coaching and training that improves contact center agent performance.

Workforce management

Empower your agents with the flexibility to schedule, swap and bid for shifts.