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Benefit from the leading quality management software solutions

Develop your contact center agents into effective brand ambassadors with the support of comprehensive quality management software solutions.

Effective quality management software improves contact center efficiency and your agents’ experience

Your agents can be business drivers:

  • Boost customer satisfaction with a quality management solution that ensures your agents have the right skills to excel in their roles and get the support they need from their managers.
  • Enhance contact center operational efficiency with a unified, supportive approach to agent onboarding and coaching.
  • Improve contact center agent retention with clear, meaningful development paths.

Odigo quality management software solutions support your agents’ role in achieving customer experience excellence

Research shows a quarter of customer complaints can be attributed to poor agent performance, and close to 90 percent of executives believe employee engagement has a greater impact on customer experience than any other factor. Develop your agents into committed brand ambassadors by supporting their development, encouraging autonomy and valuing their work.

End-to-end quality management software solutions for your contact center


Automatically select and record a representative sample of agent interactions across channels with the omnichannel interactions research tool.

Evaluate and analyze

Review voice and digital interactions on a single screen and output comprehensive reports and scorecards in 40 different templates.

Feedback and coach

Measure performance against personalized KPIs, deliver meaningful feedback and assign learning programs and coaching in a single tool.

Odigo partners with Verint, a global leader in quality management software


Odigo works with Verint to provide you with workforce optimization (WFO) solutions that enhance your contact center performance.

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  • Better customer service from more committed agents
  • Improved agent satisfaction
  • Higher agent retention
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Contact center performance boosters


Ensure quality management and support to drive agent performance and customer satisfaction.


Adopt a data-driven approach that operationalizes your customer information.


Capture all your vocal interactions for easy transcription and analysis.

Workforce management

Empower your agents with the flexibility to schedule, swap and bid for shifts.