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Make decisions based on clear data with a contact center analytics dashboard

Immediate access to the data you need, and no more than you need.

Odigo contact center analytics help you achieve your business goals

Deploy a contact center analytics solution that prioritizes:

  • Decision making, by enabling you to choose pre-configured reports featuring metrics that give you only the information you need.
  • Openness, by enabling you to export the raw data and reports for your own analysis or use in other applications.
  • Clarity, by providing total transparency into how every metric is defined and calculated.

A clear dashboard with the contact center statistics you need

You choose the statistics the dashboard shows so you can make well-informed decisions quickly.

Your contact center analytics dashboard

Data views for specific business goals

Monitor progress on each business goal by displaying only the data views that you need in pre-configured reports.

Customizable dashboard

Easily customize the look and feel of graphs and widgets, and create custom metrics and data tables, to suit your decision-making needs.

Fully exportable data

Export any raw data and reports from your contact center to use in your own data solutions.

Transparent contact center dashboard metrics

Even in the clearest reports, it’s not always obvious how metrics have been calculated from the raw data. To give you absolute clarity on the definitions and formulae used for all metrics in Odigo analytics reports, they are immediately accessible from the dashboard in an online metrics library, not buried in documentation files.

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  • Analysis focused on enabling decision making
  • Access to your raw data
  • Clear definitions for all metrics
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