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Give your contact center a voice

Voice remains your customers’ channel of choice but is also the most difficult to get right. Odigo helps your contact center deliver the support your customers want with an array of voice solutions.

How can your contact center benefit from Odigo voice solutions?

A reliable operator

Bring your own telephony system or receive a dedicated phone number or voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) number for clients, including SIP trunk and WebRTC.

Optimized voice journeys

Better understand your customers and improve voice experiences by seamlessly connecting them to contact center agents with the right skills at the right time.

Easy escalation

Forward a phone call to a supervisor or a more proficient agent who can continue the interaction on the channel preferred by your customers.

24/7 availability

Ensure your customer service remains available at all times, including during peak hours, by offering customers the option to be recontacted through automatic callback options, vocal messages or voicebots.

Personalized CX

Create emotional connections with your customers by offering personalized experiences that foster trust.

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Integrated telephony and CRM systems

Fully connect your customer service infrastructure to operationalize customer data.

Interaction flow designer

Manage inbound and outbound interactions for increased efficiency that meets demands.

Recording capabilities

Enable monitoring that encourages coaching, analytics or legal archiving.

Seamless transfer to experts

Ensure reliable support over voice channels.

Advanced natural language technology

Optimize customer journeys over voice channels through convenient qualification.


Help your customers avoid waiting by calling them back at a time that suits them.

Solving contact center challenges with Odigo voice solutions

See Odigo voice solutions in action

  • Excellent customer experience
  • Rewarding agent experience
  • Flexible deployment
  • Improved contact center efficiency
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