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WebRTC softphone

Flexible, low-cost agent telephony adapted for Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.

Include a WebRTC softphone in your contact center solution to drive efficiency

Cost reduction

Eliminate expensive telephony equipment and software with innovative WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) – globally standardized Google APIs enabling direct peer-to-peer communications without the need for software installation on your workstations 


Simplify adding sites, functions, applications and processing capacity with an adapted and scalable SaaS approach.

End-to-end service

Deploy a WebRTC softphone solution that covers call collection to call routing.

Optimized customer journey

The strong integration with our routing engine allows optimized orchestration through targeted call distribution to available advisors with the right skills to better answer your customers’ needs.

WebRTC: Best softphone option for leading SaaS solutions

Access anywhere

Enable agents to access voice channels from anywhere with a solution that works with all modern browsers.

Integration with ACD

Integrate your WebRTC softphone solution with automated call distribution to further optimize customer journeys.

Agent plug-in

A simple plug-in adds softphone call management to the full range of features provided in the agent console.

Network cost savings

With all voice data encrypted and securely routed over the public internet, there is no need to build a private network between your contact center and Odigo.

See a WebRTC softphone solution in action

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  • Optimized customer journeys
  • Low-cost agent telephony
  • Improved contact center efficiency
  • Faster deployment of your solution 
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