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Unified agent consoles enhance customer experience

Enhance your contact center efficiency with unified agent consoles that provide comprehensive customer views across all channels.

Equip your customer service reps with an agent dashboard that elevates performance

Higher customer satisfaction (CSAT)

Maximize CSAT by making sure that agent consoles provide all relevant customer information.

Improved retention rates

An intuitive agent console improves engagement and enables them to show empathy and care.

Better first call resolution (FCR) rates

Enable faster resolutions by giving your agents immediate insight into a customer’s situation without having to rely on a script to elicit information.

Lower average handle time (AHT)

Rely on response support tools embedded in the unified agent console to solve your customers’ problems swiftly.

Choose a unified agent console designed according to the best UX/UI principles

Omnichannel agent console

Provide agents with access to a range of diverse features for all your voice and digital channels via a single unified agent console.

Unified agent dashboard

Present, via an agent dashboard, all the relevant information to effectively handle interactions, such as customer profiles, widgets, agent-assisted tools or links to other business applications.

Customer-centric design

Enable personalized conversations with a unified agent console that meets your agents’ needs and displays all relevant information in one place.

Personalized agent profile

Give agents the option to select their avatar, consult KPIs and list of skills, review their past week’s activity and access information relative to their outbound campaigns.

Response support tools

Equip your agents with a toolbox that includes templates, predefined answers, a spell checker, access to a knowledge base and predictive typing.

With a 360-degree view of customer interactions from all channels and touchpoints in one place, your agents can get straight to the heart of the matter.
Elisabeth De Longeaux Product Marketing Manager at Odigo
Elisabeth De Longeaux

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Elisabeth De Longeaux
Elisabeth De Longeaux Product Marketing Manager at Odigo

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  • Improved FCR rates
  • Intuitive agent dashboard
  • Decreased customer effort scores (CES) 
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