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Offer personalized experiences with 360-degree customer views

Give your agents in-depth customer views across all voice and digital channels for enhanced customer experience.

Aggregate data from every device, channel and business tool

Clear customer journeys

Enable your agents to easily identify where a customer is on their journey with a 360-degree customer view.

Increased agent engagement

Reduce stress on agents, and cut attrition, by giving them the tools to anticipate customer needs and provide better service more quickly.

Memorable customer experience

Equip your agents with tools that help them deliver tailor-made service and provide value to customers during each interaction.

Predictable customer behavior

Anticipate your customers’ next moves and simplify their journeys for faster resolutions.

Provide your agents with a dashboard that displays 360-degree views of past, present and future customer interactions

Optimized dashboard

Enable agents to access information about previous interactions, products or customers directly in their dashboard and make decisions based on 360-degree customer views.

Efficient information filtering system

Synchronize data across business tools and give agents the ability to easily filter through information, such as the context of an interaction or customer intent, history and profile.

To make your clients happy, make agent satisfaction a priority! Applying this symmetry of attention in your contact center is one of the best ways to improve both agent and customer satisfaction.
Elisabeth De Longeaux Product Marketing Manager at Odigo
Elisabeth De Longeaux

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Elisabeth De Longeaux
Elisabeth De Longeaux Product Marketing Manager at Odigo

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  • Higher customer engagement
  • Unified views of customer touchpoints
  • Actionable insights
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