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Adopt cloud-based solutions for a more agile contact center

Future-proof your contact center with cloud-based solutions that deliver flexibility, security and scalability.

Benefits of cloud integration for your contact center

Increased scalability

Keep meeting customers’ needs even during unexpected peaks or unforeseen circumstances. Instantly scale resources up or down to match demand.

Heightened security

Guarantee compliance by working with a partner that adheres to all the most trusted information security and management standards and certifications, including ISO-27001, ISO-9001, PCI DSS and HDS.

Enhanced remote work capabilities

Give your agents the flexibility to work remotely, with round-the-clock access to tools they can use from anywhere. Join the 400,000 users who are currently able to use OdigoTM cloud-based solutions away from the office.


Reduce costs and avoid additional infrastructure investment thanks to cost-effective payment plans that ensure you only pay for what you use.

Automatic upgrades

Benefit from our continuous innovations with new Odigo features and functionalities available twice each year which you can preview via your dedicated sandbox.

Swift global deployment

Accelerate your global deployment in more than 100 countries through a dozen Odigo points of presence, 20+ telco alliances and a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Easy integration with existing ecosystems

Connecting your existing business application systems to Odigo cloud-based solutions is simple, thanks to APIs that optimize integration.

Support for all contact centers, whatever their size

You need to manage a large volumes of voice and digital interactions with multiple levels (national, regional, departmental), multiple activities, multiple locations that may also rely on multiple outsourceurs, multiple countries with different time zones ? Odigo support the most complex organisation  

Contact center cloud migration made easy

Ensure a successful transition to the cloud with Odigo’s end-to-end services, covering software as a service, integration expertise, telco operations and structured change management.

Expert support for the 4 stages of cloud migration

  • Immersion – A consultation process involving your business and IT teams establishes a thorough understanding of your challenges and the detail of the proposed solution.
  • Identification – Establishing and fine-tuning key processes enables your cloud-based solution to be seamlessly integrated into your business applications.
  • Test – Ensuring your CCaaS solution is customized to meet your customer experience and business goals.
  • Deployment – The final phase of migration begins only once your CCaaS solution is fully tested and integrated.

Discover additional advantages our cloud-based contact center solutions offer

CRM integration

Learn more about seamlessly integrating your CRM with our Odigo CCaaS solutions.

UC integration

Exploit communication opportunities by connecting internal and external business tools such as Teams.

AI connectors

Integrate your Odigo CCaaS solution with AI from industry leaders, such as Google Dialogflow and IBM Watson.


Connect all your CRM, UCaaS, WFO, AI and ERP/IS solutions through a wide range of application programming interfaces (APIs).

Trust and security

Rely on a cloud-based solution that complies with all security standards.

The Odigo Global Voice Network

Benefit from a global reach through the Odigo Global Voice Network that integrates with local telcos in over 100 countries.

Using Odigo cloud-based solutions to provide agile and flexible customer service

Clients who moved from on-premise to cloud-based solutions with Odigo

Clients who renewed their Odigo cloud services

Clients who upgraded to Odigo cloud-based solutions

Read our use cases and learn more about the benefits of cloud-based solutions

Easily address scalability issues in a cost-effective way thanks to the cloud

How can a healthcare insurer obtain the agility needed to meet customer demands while controlling costs and juggling peaks and troughs in traffic?

Read the use case

See Odigo cloud-based solutions in action

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  • Personalized customer journeys
  • Enhanced remote working capabilities
  • Heightened security
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The acceleration of cloud migration reflects new realities and working models. The cloud offers the scalability, security and evolutive scope that give organizations a cost-effective, competitive edge that is straightforward to integrate, manage and maintain.
Cécile Besson Senior Product Marketing Manager at Odigo
Cécile Besson

Read about cloud-based solutions and more from our expert

Cécile Besson
Cécile Besson Senior Product Marketing Manager at Odigo

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The Odigo™ solution gives us access to insights we didn’t have.
Sébastien Passedouet
Director of Services and Customer Relations
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The ease of integration with our CRM, Salesforce and the omnichannel capacity are the main advantages of the Odigo platform for Luminus.
Stephan Cludts
Manager Customer Experience & Care
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Since we installed Odigo, our resolution rate has increased by 20%.
Chantal Guilmain
Digital and Client UX Director
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Our customer relations centre uses an Odigo solution. It works perfectly. We chose Odigo because it allowed us to virtualize customer relationships
François Banse
Digital and Field Marketing Manager
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Odigo has been a’s partner for a few years now and is a vitally important partner.
François Julia
Customer Relationships Director
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14% of our incoming call flow is automated. Of that 14%, 47% is managed without the help of an agent.
Isabelle Rault-Diamé
Customer Relationships Director
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We observed an improvement in regards to ease-of-management and reporting, which has led to increased productivity and better management.
Frédéric Bernard
Customer Experience Director

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