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Build conversational experiences with
Google Dialogflow CX

 Your Odigo Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution can now benefit from Google Dialogflow CX’s NLU engine to provide the conversational experiences customers expect.

Building conversational experiences as they were meant to be

Automation is becoming the way of the world in customer service. The open nature of Odigo’s solution means we offer a connector to Dialogflow CX that enables your omnichannel bots to work with their NLU engine, or the Odigo-provided one you already know – whichever option suits you best. 

Odigo’s connector for Google Dialogflow CX is versatile in helping improve the customer experience (CX) by quickly getting your customers the answers they need on a multitude of channels including the most challenging one — voice. Bots support customers, but also agents, making them more efficient and boosting their skills.

Build your bots’ capacity to have advanced conversations with customers

Take advantage of advanced comprehension

Thanks to the latest innovations in AI, Google Dialogflow CX bots are now capable of handling complex interactions with customers. Odigo’s connector will help you build conversational experiences on as many different channels as your contact center requires.

Strengthen your customer relationships

With Dialogflow CX, Google has the technology to help reinforce customer relationships with your brand. Your bot will learn to a​​utomatically recognize customer context and respond in a natural way. Trained properly to understand intent and extract key information, bots help customers have a seamless interaction with your brand.

Tailor your bot’s conversational abilities according to industryt

Design conversational experiences that are customized to your brand’s industry across channels, thanks to Dialogflow CX — or switch over to Odigo’s capabilities as you see fit. The openness of the solution means you can do what works best for your contact center.

Improve CX through designing conversations

Train your omnichannel bot to detect nuance and context of language at high levels thanks to Google’s NLU engine. Add as many flows and intents as needed to guide conversations to the outcomes your customers are looking for.

Enhance traffic routing

Quickly and ably get your customers to the right answer for them based on the type of question and the exact experience you design using the Google Dialogflow CX or the Odigo solution, whichever you’re most comfortable with.

Raffaele Ferrara
Odigo is glad to offer one of the very first CCaaS solutions that integrates seamlessly with Google Dialogflow CX. By teaming up with Google Cloud, a trailblazer in AI, Odigo wants to further empower their clients with innovative, best-of-breed cloud solutions that meet expanding customer service needs and help redefine the customer journey in the digital age.
Raffaele Ferrara
Product Marketing Manager at Odigo
Dominique Pfeffer
We are very pleased to welcome Odigo as one of the first Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) providers to support the latest version of Google Cloud Dialogflow CX, part of our AI solution for contact centers. With this edition, which is specifically designed to support large organizations evolving in large scale, high complexity environments, Odigo offers another innovative solution that responds to customer needs faster and more accurately. This further demonstrates Odigo’s commitment to continuously invest in providing the most advanced conversational AI capabilities to its clients.
Dominique Pfeffer
Cloud Technology Partners Lead at Google Cloud

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