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Artificial intelligence for contact center innovation

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps your agents work more efficiently and delivers frictionless self-service for customers by driving agile automation.

AI innovations enhance contact center operations

Automatic qualification

Leverage the latest contact center innovations to enhance your interactive voice responses (IVRs) with conversational AI that automates qualification, increasing efficiency and freeing agents to focus on high-value interactions.

Augmented agents

Use artificial intelligence innovations to boost your human contact center agents’ performance with insights from real-time transcription, next best action recommendations and instant access to the information they need.

Augmented supervisors

Detect customer behavior and vocabulary that indicate supervisor intervention would be beneficial. Give your supervisors the ability to monitor multiple conversations through speech-to-text (STT) transcriptions.

Advanced analytics

Achieve true 360-degree views of your customers, strengthen your forecasting abilities, and operationalize data to deliver better customer and business insights.

Easier compliance

Leverage AI and other innovations that automatically categorize interactions and ensure contact center compliance with all legal and security frameworks.

Leverage AI to drive innovation in your contact center

AI connectors

Easy integration with the latest AI technology from Google and IBM enables you to assemble the most effective set of tools for your contact center.

Bringing innovation to your contact center

Romain Sambarino
Business is about great conversations and AI makes every conversation count. Customer experiences in 2021 will be seamless; anytime, anywhere with direct voice interactions. Voice intelligence will be crucial to meeting the next generations’ demands. We believe Odigo will be the leader of this trend.
Romain Sambarino
CEO at Allo-Media
Dominique Pfeffer
I am confident this partnership will benefit our customers with an improved experience as Odigo has been very reactive to integrate Google Cloud CCAI capabilities to its offer and is one of the first to demonstrate their AI capability, being a visionary in the CCaaS market.
Dominique Pfeffer
Cloud Technology Partners Lead at Google Cloud

Discover the benefits of AI in our use cases

Provide 24/7 customer support while freeing up agents’ time with an omnichannel bot

With banks reducing their number of brick-and-mortar locations, how can they continue to deliver rewarding, personalized customer experience?

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Maximize existing AI by integrating it with a CCaaS solution that consistently manages customer interactions

How can a healthcare provider deliver consistent, end-to-end customer experience across channels through a single platform?

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  • Higher customer engagement
  • Augmented agents
  • Increased revenues
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Our proven experience in AI, both with our solutions and with our partners’ technology, places us at the forefront of developing exciting data-driven solutions that boost agent capabilities and improve customer experience. AI innovation should enhance human interactions in the contact center, not replace them.
Corentin Messerschmidt Head of Innovation Lab at Odigo
Corentin Messerschmidt

Contact center innovation insights

October 18, 20222 Odigo — a Global Leader for the third year in a row according to ISG 

Scalable, AI-based CCaaS solutions made simple for you. This is why ISG, a top industry analyst, has named Odigo a Global Leader in the ISG Provider Lens™ CCaaS 2022 report for the third consecutive year.

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June 29, 20223 What is the key to quality onboarding for contact center agents?

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. This rule takes on a special meaning in the world of contact centers, which is why welcoming and training new call center agents is a very important step. A quality integration prepares agents to succeed and builds loyalty accordingly. To do this, onboarding programs for contact center agents need to be smooth and efficient so that they can feel comfortable as quickly as possible.

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July 27, 20213 3 ways to reduce contact center wait times and build customer loyalty

Reducing contact center wait times is foundational to improving customer experience (CX). Customers are abandoning brands that fail to respect their time, and switching to companies that find ways to continuously reduce contact center wait times. Deploying the right solutions positions contact centers to gain new customers and build lasting loyalty.

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Corentin Messerschmidt
Corentin Messerschmidt Head of Innovation Lab at Odigo