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Verint — the heartbeat of workforce engagement

Odigo, a leader in solutions for contact centers, with over 35 years of expertise in improving CX, has a long and rich perspective on how to make it easier for contact centers to engage effectively and efficiently with their customers, integrating many critical tools needed to empower contact center agents and satisfy the clients they are engaging with. One of the most important pillars of a smooth omnichannel customer journey is a Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) suite. Verint offers leading edge solutions that help manage and motivate agents, as well as balance agent and bot activities in the contact center so that customers get personalized care and support. 

Why Verint?

Verint has championed the power of gaining insights from disaggregated data to reimagine workforce management and drive personalized, proactive connections. Verint has been recognised as a leader in the WEM category for 12 years in a row by Gartner.
They understand and appreciate, just as Odigo does, the need to be constantly ready to adapt and adjust to rapidly changing expectations of customers with regard to customer service.

Verint’s focus on narrowing the Engagement Capacity Gap has gone a long way to help contact center managers optimize how their staff and self-service work. This is not easy, especially as there has been a spike in the number of interactions with contact centers, the number of communication channels available, and other metrics.
Given the mutual interest in collaborating to address these long-term challenges, Odigo has chosen to partner with Verint and integrate their market-leading WEM suite into its offer for contact centers. 

How Odigo and Verint have grown together

Odigo and Verint’s collaboration began in 2015 with integrating the Workforce Management and Engagement suite into our Contact Center as a Service platform. Moreover, Odigo now hosts, operates and sells a range of Verint solutions (QM, Performance Management, Workforce Management, etc.) and Odigo experts are trained and certified by Verint. This has helped cement their the Odigo-Verint partnership, leading to Odigo being selected twice as Verint’s “Cloud Partner of the Year”. Part of this success is linked to Odigo’s role as a Verint re-seller, with customers in France, UK, the Benelux countries and Spain.

What can Odigo and Verint achieve together?

Thanks to this years-long the Odigo and Verint partnership, clients can get best-in-class solutions for their contact centers. Odigo provides solutions to manage interactions and deliver great customer experiences, and Verint strengthens agent engagement and optimizes how the workforce performs overall. The synergy that comes from integrating these two worlds means motivated agents and better served customers – a win-win situation. 

Contact center managers likewise have much to gain from this partnership. Agility is needed in day-to-day operations and an Odigo platform with Verint insights provides just that. Working from home, an option that has become a reality for many, is fully supported by Odigo and Verint. Contact center managers are now able to accommodate a range of work models, including remote work, in-work and hybrid work, which often vary due to local specificities. As a result, they can maintain smooth operations in a dynamically changing workplace. 
Looking ahead, Odigo and Verint will continue to sync their solutions to expand agility and flexibility in day-to-day operations, providing much-needed stability and workplace connectivity against a backdrop of ever-shifting employer and employee expectations.

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