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Salesforce— a strong Odigo partner

When customers have memorable, positive experiences it makes managing customer relationships easier. Odigo, a leading Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution provider, with over 35 years of expertise improving CX, can bring moments that matter to the customer connection cultivated through Salesforce’s CRM. Bonded customers choose to keep interacting with brands because of the extra value the relationship brings.

Why design a Salesforce integration?

Salesforce was founded in 1999 in a small San Francisco apartment and has risen to a top spot as one of the world’s leading CRM providers. They are also a company with strong core values because ‘what brings us together guides us forward’. 

Salesforce is the CRM behind businesses of all sizes: Every product we offer plays a part in building the connections that drive success — and that success can be harnessed to create positive change. Together Odigo and Salesforce can do more.

Odigo and Salesforce; how the story began

Odigo first became a Salesforce partner in 2013 offering an Open CTI connector with a range of advanced Odigo voice capabilities. The next step in 2021 was to strengthen this relationship further by becoming a Salesforce Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner. What followed was the development of Odigo for Service Cloud Voice for clients who wanted the added value from a native integration and additional AI-enhanced functionalities. This was officially launched in the summer of 2021. The benefits of the Odigo solutions are now showcased on the Salesforce AppExchange to inspire further collaboration and customer experience excellence.  
The clients we support together will be able to get benefits from our continuous innovation, including increased contact center efficiency, memorable customer journeys and rewarding agent experience.
Thibaud Pietri Chief Product Officer
Thibaud Pietri

What Odigo and Salesforce have achieved together?

There are already more than 50 customers using the Odigo for Salesforce integrations with some great real life examples of how this partnership helps meet a wider range of business needs.  One Odigo customer, a leader in the luxury industry, had to face some specific challenges: extending omnichannel services to worldwide customers with consistency across several brands. With call collection from 50 countries customer service consistency could be achieved for a global customer base. IVR, ACD and Call & Pay IVR with PCI-DSS compliance provided more efficient and flexible voice options. Each interaction was clearly visible to agents regardless of channel or location via the 360-degree customer view on a single interface.

Odigo believes that technology designed with human-centric values can deliver better quality customer experiences and bring people closer together. With openness and integration we want to extend this approach through our technological partners to more customers. Modern contact center solutions need to facilitate communication by making collaboration between providers, business, agents and customers smooth and effortless. The best technology is invisible to customers, they experience conversations not individual interactions.  

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Odigo for Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Discover Odigo for Salesforce Service Cloud Voice, a leading solution to give your CRM a voice

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Odigo – give your Salesforce CRM a voice

Enable your contact center to provide more personalized customer experience (CX). Integrate your Odigo CCaaS solution with Salesforce and maximize your voice channels.

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Discover Odigo for Salesforce

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Explore the relationship between Odigo and Salesforce

Odigo for Salesforce: a leading
solution to give your CRM a voice
Our new platform enhances Odigo’s value by enabling you to find solutions that help deliver the CX that you know you’re capable of.
April 7, 2022 Launch of Odigo Connect: a marketplace for Odigo partners and clients

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