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Odigo’s Pega partnership

Providing personalized experiences for customers and tailored solutions to clients is one of the best ways to achieve stand-out customer service. Odigo, a leading Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution provider, can give agents intuitive control of interactions with over 35 years of voice technology experience. Little things can make a big difference so engage customers with confidence using Pega’s customer relationship management (CRM) details on calls which have been set up for success by Odigo’s advanced qualification and routing. 

CRM the Pega way

Pega was established in 1983 and they are proud of being a different kind of tech company, one that aims to empower businesses with low-code platforms so they can build for change. Their strong presence in the financial services, government and healthcare sectors makes their customers a natural fit for Odigo. They also share a dedication to scalable solutions designed to meet the needs of large organizations.  

Pega delivers innovative software that crushes business complexity.’ 
In the largest organizations every efficiency and simplification adds up to big savings in time and money. By integrating Odigo technology, businesses using the Pega platform can optimize their voice channel even further. 

Establishing the foundations for Odigo and Pega 

Along with a host of analyst acclaim it was easy for Odigo to recognise how much value Pega offered its customers and in 2021 became the first CCaaS vendor to be a part of the Pega Independent Software Vendor (ISV) program

Technology partnerships are increasingly important for organizations as customer expectations change and increasingly sophisticated service preferences develop. The ability to use a combination of the highest quality integrated functionalities allows each organization to create the best set of experiences tailored to the needs of their own unique customer base. 

This concept was one of the catalysts for the next big step, the announcement in June 2022 that Odigo had joined the Pega Marketplace. A great opportunity which opens up the possibility for greater collaboration and customer service innovation.
As a Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution provider, Odigo is committed to scalability and openness, and we are proud to be the first CCaaS vendor joining the Pega Partner program.
Thibaud Pietri Chief Product Officer
Thibaud Pietri

Odigo and Pega are making a difference together

Pega has a strong client base with the type of large complex organizations Odigo’s solution is especially suited for. Intuitive integrated tools that can handle massive call volumes are crucial to support agents while they keep customers moving through the queues towards first call resolution. 

One Pega client was just such a complex organization and had some very specific issues which Odigo helped overcome on a tight timescale. Migrating from a restrictive legacy system that lacked scalability was crucial for the organization to provide modern digital service but presented challenges when it came to integration. Such a big change, despite the rapid growth and acceptance of CCaaS solutions, understandably resulted in a lack of confidence and some concerns. Odigo’s experience and proven track record of third party integrations was key to supporting the organization’s next step and helping shape their vision for the future. 

Explore the relationship between Odigo and Pega

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