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Google — a solid Odigo partner

Odigo is a leader in solutions for contact centers, with over 35 years of expertise in improving CX. Having such a long track record of helping brands improve their CX means having the foresight to continuously look out for new technologies to help CCaaS solutions evolve, including artificial intelligence (AI), and forge partnerships with forward-thinking minds in tech. Incorporating Google’s unparalleled resources helps us deliver AI solutions to contact centers and offer more advanced and personalized customer and agent experiences than ever.

Why Google?

It only makes sense that Odigo would align with Google, a global leader in the field of AI. Google’s approach to AI has long been rooted in the idea of open-sourcing their tools, making them a natural collaborator. Moreover, Google has proven itself to be committed to developing AI capabilities for understanding language, thereby serving a very basic human need. This is proof enough that Google’s mission closely aligns with Odigo’s

How Odigo and Google have grown together

In 2019, Odigo became a Google Cloud Technology Partner, as a reflection of its desire to move towards more integrations with third-party AI connectors. Two years later, Odigo became a partner for Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI (CCAI) solution, expanding Google Cloud’s geographical reach. From the start, there has been a mutual trust between these two technological leaders.

Odigo’s collaboration with Google further grew, extending to sales when a connector to Google Dialogflow CX was proposed to serve Odigo’s existing customer base with Google’s array of AI tools. After more than a year of close work, the connector was announced in December 2021.

Thibaud Pietri
Through a strong partnership with Google Cloud on artificial intelligence, we are proud to announce support for Google Dialogflow CX, which helps build high-quality conversational experiences between businesses and their customers
Thibaud Pietri
Chief Product Officer
Dominique Pfeffer
I am confident this partnership will benefit our customers with an improved experience as Odigo has been very reactive to integrate Google Cloud CCAI capabilities to its offer and is one of the first to demonstrate their AI capability, being a visionary in the CCaaS market.
Dominique Pfeffer
Cloud Technology Partners Lead at Google Cloud

What can Odigo and Google achieve together?

This proud partnership has given contact centers conversation bots to provide customers convenient self-service options, as well as natural conversational experiences thanks to advances in voice quality. Additionally, channel-less communication links interactions from multiple channels into one smooth conversation in dozens of languages and dialects. From an agent standpoint, intelligent automation will power real-time agent assist tools that will provide agents with recommendations for increased efficiency and value-adding.

In their years working together, Odigo and Google have come together to provide highly valuable functionalities to contact centers that help agents do their jobs and customers get their needs met. As we move into the future, innovations that fine-tune machine learning and leverage natural language processing will shape the course of CX and brand engagement. With a growing partnership, Odigo and Google will push each other to leverage AI and create tools and strategies that can better listen and adapt to the needs of customers and contact center agents alike.

Explore the relationship between Odigo and Google

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