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Odigo Strategic Alliances

Odigo’s commitment to openness means we liaise with select strategic technological partners to expand our offer and provide customers with the most innovative and complete CCaaS solution on the market.

Unified desktop approach with integration of business applications

Odigo’s CCaaS solution offers flexible integration with a variety of business processes such as customer relationship management (CRM) or Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) software, whether embedded directly into an Odigo console to provide agents with relevant information, or as an Odigo connector to deploy our voice channel and routing capabilities. In addition, Odigo offers external data integration via dynamic widgets to both enrich customer journeys and improve the overall agent experience. Beyond these integrations, Odigo works with STT/TTS vendors and other AI market leaders to strengthen its natural language processing (NLP) abilities.

Discover the stories of our strategic alliance partnerships and what we’re building together with them: