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Odigo Connect

Odigo Connect is Odigo’s marketplace. Its purpose is to make it easier for existing Odigo customers like you to find complementary CX solutions that boost Odigo’s technological capabilities.

Odigo Connect is THE marketplace to grow your business

Our new platform enhances Odigo’s value by enabling you to find solutions that help deliver the CX that you know you’re capable of. Just type what you’re looking for into our easy and intuitive search bar.

Take your CX to the next level by integrating your innovative Odigo platform with the latest complementary solutions

Odigo strives to make the best Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) software available on the market. Being a leader means recognizing that other leaders come up with innovations that can further help our customers. 

Find all the state-of-the art technologies that power CCaaS

AI, omnichannel capabilities and NLU are examples of the latest innovations that can be changed out with components in your existing solution. They can all be found on Odigo Connect.

Get components to boost your CX

CRM integration, workforce management and UCaaS are just a few of the complementary solutions that you can find on Odigo Connect to turn your CCaaS setup into an all-in-one essential work tool.


  • Complementary solutions are only a few clicks away.
  • Intuitive search for quick and convenient results.
  • Created by a visionary that constantly innovates in future-proof CX technology.
  • Contact us from the marketplace for more details on the solutions you need.

Are you a tech solution provider interested in joining Odigo Connect?