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Odigo partners

Odigo is eager to build partnerships with open, like-minded, and passionate individuals and brands to bring about the sustainable growth and enhancement of the omnichannel customer experience.


Further expansion into new markets is a top priority for Odigo. Not only are we continuing our partnership with Capgemini, but we are diversifying our collaborations with other solutions providers, including IBM and NTT Data. With a formidable portfolio of renowned technological leaders as partners, Odigo has positioned itself to present its clients with guidance and expertise on a global scale.

As a cornerstone of Odigo’s expansion into new markets and industry segments, resellers are attuned to domestic demand and local specificities. Resellers play the role of Odigo’s ambassadors in new and existing markets. In their role as system integrators, they ensure Odigo’s solution is a vibrant, flexible and scalable platform.

Strategic Alliances

Openness is a key pillar of Odigo’s engagement strategy. Over the years, we have extended our hand to other solutions providers so that our clients can benefit from the most cutting-edge technologies on the market. Integrations have allowed them to make important efficiency and productivity gains, improving overall contact center performance. In turn, our clients can offer their agents and customers the most complete CCaaS solution with a very wide range of useful features and functionalities.

Odigo Connect

Odigo Connect is our ecosystem, featuring vendors whose solutions complement Odigo’s to provide the best CX imaginable.

Benefits for Odigo customers

  • Intuitive search navigation for finding solutions and partners.
  • Access to the latest CX innovations.
  • Integration of other CX components to boost your contact center’s performance.
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Benefits for Odigo technological partners

  • Access to a wide network of Odigo enterprise clients.
  • Increase in business with leads generated by Odigo.
  • Participation in Odigo’s promotional campaigns.
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