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Customer expectations have evolved, which means you need to continuously adapt your customer service strategy to stay relevant.

Odigo is here to support you with exactly that.

Bespoke customer service solutions

As the global leader in cloud contact centre solutions, we are the experts in accelerating your company growth by improving customer service management.

Our technology solutions provide all-encompassing customer service solutions, which are easy to integrate and keep track of.

We are the missing piece. The essential tool that you need to fulfil your customer needs and make your CX work harder.

Your next steps to CXcellence

Easy integration
Integrate our contact centre solutions with your everyday operations. Easy for your team to adopt and easier for your customers to experience.

Improved performance
Turn your business KPIs into drivers of growth. Improve performance, maximise time to value and increase ROI.

Increased efficiency
Free up your team’s time with automation and AI. Your agents can focus on meaningful interactions that bring the most value.

Omnichannel experience
Give your customers, agents and supervisors the same high-quality user experiences regardless of the tool, software or platform they’re using.

See our contact centre solutions in action

Take a look at our success stories and CX insights to find out more.

September 16, 2022 PMU

PMU (Pari Mutuel Urbain) is a prominent French betting organisation primarily for horse racing but also offering sports betting and online poker games. Odigo™ implemented automated call distribution, voice recognition, SMS, Salesforce CRM and Verint QM connectors.

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July 20, 20223 min How do customer expectations affect experiences?

It happens all the time, not just in the customer service sphere, disappointment, frustration or delight when experiences either fail to meet or exceed our expectations. When it comes to customer service however, being clued into customer opinions can help optimise services in line with expectations to avoid potential failures and plan outstanding moments of satisfaction.

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July 11, 2022 Luminus

Luminus is the second-largest utilities supplier in Belgium and is part of the EDF group. It is a major renewable electricity producer in its own right and supplies electricity, gas and energy services to approximately 2 million individual and corporate customers. Luminus has a commercial market share of around 24%.

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