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Understanding what contact centre customers really think

How well do you know today’s contact centre consumer?

How should contact centres respond to changing customer attitudes and behaviours? 2021 Voice of the Contact Centre Consumer, Call Centre Management Association’s (CCMA) latest annual research, provides you with answers to the most pressing questions contact centres face today.
Led by CCMA’s Research Director, Stephen Yap, this comprehensive two-phased research into the contact centre consumer will provide you with valuable insights from customer experience leaders such as Michael Sherwood, Head of Customer Experience at Atom Bank, and Claire Carroll, Head of Sales and Service at The Co-Op.

  • Identify operations that should be automated
  • Develop a coherent cross-channel strategy
  • Handle complaints
  • Gather feedback

Tracking changing customers’ needs, preferences and behaviours has never been more important. The strategic role contact centres play in CX means that they are fast becoming the faces of the organisations they support.


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