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Odigo Academy: contact centre skills coaching

Helping your people rapidly transition to your new contact centre solution, and build expert skills for the future. 

Fast, flexible coaching with an emphasis on practical skills

Odigo Academy delivers:

  • Rapid onboarding to your Odigo solution.
  • A focus on building confidence and enthusiasm in your agents, supervisors and administrators.
  • Expert review and consulting on your existing processes.
Easy-to-use interfaces and the Odigo Academy’s practical training mean you will master the main solution use cases very quickly while acquiring the necessary knowledge to train your end users efficiently.
Alexandre Prévost Odigo Trainer, responsible for Odigo Academy
Alexandre Prévost

Best-practice coaching principles

Training the trainers

By concentrating on training your trainers first, we maximise the speed of knowledge transfer to your contact centre agents, supervisors and administrators.

Experienced coaches

Our coaches understand the challenges your agents, supervisors administrators face because they all have hands-on, professional experience in those roles.

Practice over theory

Odigo Academy coaching prioritises practical exercises over theory to ensure your people are comfortable using your new contact centre features as quickly as possible.

Specialisation training

Develop expertise in outgoing call campaigns, IVR design, contextual routing and other specialisations with our additional training modules.

Leveraging Odigo Academy CX coaching

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  • Rapid onboarding to your new solution
  • Ongoing skill development
  • Effective, proven coaching methodology
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