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Create the experiences your customers deserve with Odigo CX consulting solutions

Expert support for your response to increasing customer expectations and the new demands they place on your agents.

Deploy a cloud contact centre solution that focuses on achieving your business needs

Build a winning CX strategy

  • Understand what customers want from their relationship with your brand.
  • Create a strategy for making your contact centre a profit centre.
  • Ensure agents and supervisors feel valued and supported in their roles.
  • Build and deploy customised bots to reduce agents’ workload and streamline customer journeys.

Customer Conversation Makers: Answering key questions about your CX strategies

Return on investment (ROI) analysis

How profitable are your current customer relationship solutions? What solutions will you need to meet tomorrow’s challenges?

Omnichannel strategy design

Does your channel strategy meet your customers’ expectations?

AI and automation strategy

Which use cases should take priority?

Leveraging speech analytics

Are you adding value with every interaction ? How can your first call resolution (FCR) rate be improved?

IVR performance analysis

Does your efficiency match industry KPIs? Are you following UX best practices?

Operational model analysis

Which channel mix is optimal and what is the best way to integrate new channels? How can your qualification strategy be improved? Finally, what skills do your agents need?

The Bot Factory: Building bots that enhance customer experience while reducing the load on your agents

Use case analysis

Identify the bot use cases with the most business value.

Build and rollout

Design AI-powered bots with features optimised for your business needs and integrate content tailored to your customer context.

Performance optimisation

Continuously monitor bot effectiveness and add enhancements based on performance analysis.

CX is in a period of change, driven by evolving customer expectations on one side, and technological innovations on the other. The contact centres that emerge successful will be the ones that learn to master the new tools available to them
Marie Verchère Deputy Head of Odigo Experience Services France
Marie Verchère

Providing outstanding customer service with an Odigo contact centre solution

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  • Understand your customers’ needs
  • Deploy the right technologies to streamline customer journeys
  • Support your agents and control costs
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