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Excel in customer experience

Successful customer experience management can make your contact centre an engine for growth.

The keys to customer experience excellence

Omnichannel accessibility

Give customers a rewarding experience on whichever channel they chose.

Seamless service

Treat all interactions with a customer as part of a single, ongoing conversation so they never have to repeat themselves.

Personalised experience

Show your customers you know them and understand their needs.

Implement a successful customer experience strategy with these Odigo features

360-degree customer view

Operationalise your data to ensure your agents know everything they need to know about a customer, without delay.

Omnichannel services

Provide consistently high-quality customer service on every channel.


Offer your customers callbacks for the support they need at a time they choose.

Omnichannel bot

Deploy conversational AI for self-service on any channel at any time.

Since we installed Odigo, our resolution rate has increased by 20%.
Chantal Guilmain
Digital and Client UX Director

Mr. Bricolage

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Customer experience insights

May 25, 20223 Why open APIs should power customer experience offered by contact centres

Current challenges of customer experience (CX) include keeping up with customers across a wide array of communication channels and accommodating agents who wish to work from home. When your existing Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solution can’t do it all, API-powered CX technologies can give your contact centre the functionalities it needs to keep your brand competitive and your agents satisfied.

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December 27, 20213 CCaaS and the SLA contact centre: What business and customers expect from contact centres in the digital age

As technology continues to advance and consumer behaviour and working habits evolve in the wake of Covid-19, contact centres must adapt to heightened customer experience expectations in 2021 and beyond. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) contact centre must focus on a multi-channel mix and joined-up systems to provide seamless experiences for customers in an increasingly competitive landscape. Read on to learn more.

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December 14, 20213 Addressing delivery and shipment enquiries during the supply chain squeeze

Whether you’re shipping Christmas food and presents to consumers or handling year-end orders for construction materials, the importance of excellent customer support is paramount. Now, with a supply chain crisis engulfing the European region businesses are experiencing a massive spike in customer support-related enquiries. This blog explores how Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solutions can help companies address delivery and shipment enquiries during the supply chain squeeze.

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  • Personalised omnichannel experience
  • Seamless service
  • Your contact centre as an engine for growth
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Put user experience at the core of your contact centre

Building an effective user experience strategy depends on understanding the needs of customers, agents and supervisors and how these needs depend on each other.

Agent experience

Happy, satisfied agents provide better service to your customers.