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Interactive widgets

Customise your agents’ consoles with interactive widgets that only display the relevant information needed to drive your business and optimise customer engagement.

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Equip your agents with the power to personalise service to deliver the best customer experience

Enhanced customer engagement

Use widgets to display personalised information and functionalities within the agent console based on the context of interactions.

Accessible data

Enable your agents to easily reach internal and third-party information through widgets without ever having to leave the console.

Increased sales of specialised offers

Prepare and send new contracts attached to customer emails with a single click.

Faster service

Immediately provide your agents with the real-time data they need to answer customer queries.

Leverage widgets that are simple to build, maintain and use

User-friendly interface

Easily add and/or remove features that can be used with little to no training necessary.

Dedicated console space

Use a wide array of tailor-made widgets that can be built directly in the console.

Discover the benefits of an interactive widget in our use cases

Customise agent consoles with widgets for faster, more efficient customer service

How can a gas and electricity provider leverage widgets to equip agents with precise information that enables them to provide more personalised, effective customer service?

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See an interactive widget in action

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  • Enhanced customer engagement
  • Greater agent satisfaction
  • Faster service
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