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CRM integration

Smooth CRM integration for personalised customer experience.

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CRM integration: the first piece of your CX strategy

Your contact centre directly managed from your CRM

Enable your agents to track and handle all interactions on a single interface

Increased routing capabilities

Connect customers swiftly to the right agents with the right skills at the right time.

Personalised customer experience

Offer custom-designed journeys across all channels and touchpoints.

Improved agent performance

Boost agent responsiveness and personalise customer contacts with all relevant customer data in a unified console.

Real business impact

Enable your agents to handle more interactions, synchronise agent occupancy rates between different channels and increase operational efficiency by monitoring unified statistics and dashboards.

Smooth integration with leading CRM solutions


Integration with Salesforce’s CRM enables a memorable experience for both customers and agents that leverages unified smart routing regardless of the channel for increased customer satisfaction.


Integration with Pega’s CRM provides your agents with information and tools that make interactions enjoyable

CRM integration is key to delivering a personalised customer experience and facilitating the work of contact centre agents and therefore making a strong impact on your business.
Cécile Besson Senior Product Marketing Manager at Odigo
Cécile Besson

Learn how CRM integration enables:

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  • Personalised customer journeys
  • Enhanced agent engagement
  • Optimised contact centre performance
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Maximising CRM integration with Odigo

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Enhance agent and customer experiences by integrating our CCaaS solution with Salesforce CRM software

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