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Odigo – Google Cloud Contact Centre AI

Give your customers the next level of personalised customer experience

Our solutions thrive on data

Incorporating Google Cloud’s unparalleled resources helps us enhance the experience of customers, agents and organisations.

Odigo and Google Cloud team up to deliver artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to contact centres and offer more advanced and personalised customer and agent experiences than ever. Now, Google Cloud’s insight is fueling innovation in Odigo’s AI-driven solutions, enabling Odigo to put specialised tools in the hands of your customer service agents so they can foster customer loyalty around the world with cutting-edge personalised customer support.

Continuously advancing contact centre AI

For your customers

Channel-less communication to link interactions from multiple channels into one smooth conversation

Dozens of new languages and dialects to enable more inclusive service

Chatbots and callbots to give customers convenient self-service options

Advances in voice quality to create a natural conversational experience with bots

For your agents

Agent Assist to provide agents with real-time recommendations for increased efficiency

Sentiment analysis to lend insight into callers’ motives and emotional states

Intelligent automation to enable agents to focus on value-adding interactions

Skill-based routing to route customer interactions to the agent (virtual or live) best suited to help them

Comprehensive contact centre AI tools for outstanding customer experience

Greater choice for customers

Odigo is a leading Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) provider that gives your customers the freedom to connect with your brand at any time through their preferred channel, whether through 24-hour self-service options or with assistance from committed agents.

Personalisation at every step

Easy access to business data and/or third-party technologies throughout the customer journey enables personalised and efficient communication, whether it’s instant self-service, human takeover or call-backs.

AI that evolves to meet your needs

Our artificial intelligence grows through natural language understanding (NLU) and assisted machine learning (ML). AI helps agents expand their service capability, and assists customers in successful self-service.

Augmenting agents

Providing agents with real-time data they need to solve the issues they’re dealing with. In addition to reducing transfers and cutting resolution times, augmentation is part of our focus on improving the experience of agents.

Channel-less ATAWADAC

Anytime, anywhere, any device, any piece of content. Today people reach out to companies in a variety of ways. We enable agents to instantly and simply compile interactions across channels for a smooth and fruitful conversation.

Striking a balance

Research shows that customers are happy with self-service when it’s efficient and on target, but prefer to speak with a person when an issue is more complex. AI that properly routes customers to their desired solution leads to more efficiency and greater customer satisfaction.

Create conversational experiences with Google Dialogflow CX

Odigo’s connector for both Google Dialogflow ES and Dialogflow CX integrates seamlessly so that large organisations can learn to master the most efficient NLU engines. This new solution enables you to build your bots’ capacity to have advanced conversations with your customers on a variety of channels, including voice. You can train your bot to communicate using your industry’s lingo, enhance your automated systems’ traffic routing capabilities, and improve your customer experience (CX) to build value for your brand.

Best of all, whether you’re comfortable working through Odigo’s own engines or Google Dialogflow CX, our connector allows you to leverage both solutions, minimising disruption to your workflow and increasing efficiency through the transition process.

Internationally, enterprise leaders trust Odigo

Provide your customers with the same outstanding level of CX anywhere in the world. Based in Europe, Odigo provides Contact Centre as a Service  (CCaaS) solutions to more than 250 customers in 100 countries. Our close partnership with Google Cloud is helping us excel in new markets, and provide even better customer experience around the world.

Whether your customers live next door or across the globe, Odigo helps you provide a successful experience that exceeds expectations, encourages loyalty and drives growth. Find out more about our offers, and how they can benefit you and the customers you value.


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