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Integrate your existing AI solution with Odigo using a connector

Our open CCaaS solutions give you the flexibility to integrate with leading AI technology, via a connector, to achieve consistent customer experience across all channels. 

Optimise your contact centre AI with a connector

Conversational AI

Adopt cognitive technologies through state-of-the-art virtual agents, robotic process automation and advanced analytics.

Improved KPIs

Reduce average handle times (AHT), improve call deflection rates and raise CSAT scores through faster and more efficient contact centre operations.

Increased NLP capabilities

Leverage the best natural language processing (NLP) and automatic speech-recognition engines available on the market to always recognise the intent of your customer’s command, question or speech.

Augmented agents

Increase agent performance through AI-driven agent assist strategies that provide next best actions and ongoing support during customer interactions.

Real-time insights

Identify call drivers and leverage AI for sentiment analysis that enhances customer views and empowers agents to achieve faster resolutions.

Odigo solutions connect with leading AI technologies

Dominique Pfeffer
I am confident this partnership will benefit our customers with an improved experience as Odigo has been very reactive to integrate Google Cloud CCAI capabilities to its offer and is one of the first to demonstrate their AI capability, being a visionary in the CCaaS market.
Dominique Pfeffer Cloud Technology Partners Lead at Google Cloud
Odigo, through a high-value AI connector, enables its clients to maximise their investments by integrating their AI into different channels and use cases.
Corentin Messerschmidt Head of Innovation Lab at Odigo
Corentin Messerschmidt

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Corentin Messerschmidt
Corentin Messerschmidt Head of Innovation Lab at Odigo

Strengthening their bot performances with an AI connector

Discover the benefits of an AI connector in our use cases

Maximise existing AI by integrating it with a CCaaS solution that consistently manages customer interactions

How can a healthcare provider deliver consistent, end-to-end customer experience across channels through a single platform?

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See what an Odigo solution with embedded AI can do for you

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  • Reliable self-service
  • Augmented agents (analytics, sentiment analysis)
  • Increased revenues (call deflection, efficiency)
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