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Our partners know your market and provide comprehensive support on your digital transformation, from planning to execution and beyond. They implement customised versions of Odigo solutions and provide consultancy services to help you deliver excellent customer experience.

Odigo partners enable your digital transformation

Odigo forges partnerships with organisations that share our commitment to open, robust solutions that provide agile support for your contact centres. Our CCaaS expertise and their in-depth local market knowledge ensure that, together, we deliver scalable, evolutive omnichannel solutions perfectly suited to your needs.

Benefits of our partnerships for organisations like yours


Open APIs, flexible CCaaS solutions and agile methodologies ensure you connect with diverse internal and external ecosystems (AI, CRM, UC, WFO).


Trained CX experts dedicated to your sectors customise our solutions after gaining a detailed understanding of your organisation’s challenges and desired objectives.


Customised, interactive sessions maximise the effectiveness of your transformation and enable you to leverage the full potential of your Odigo CCaaS solution.


Dedicated teams build meaningful, long-term relationships with your organisation so that they can react quickly to your requests and anticipate your future needs.


Increased revenue and market presence for your organisation are priorities as our reseller teams optimise your customer experience with an Odigo solution.

Partners who deliver Odigo solutions

Here are the companies we’re proud to recommend as Odigo partners:


Culliganlaan 2/F B9,
1831 Diegem

Contact: Patrick Vanderberghe
Email: p.vandenberghe@ringring.bePhone: +32 2 334 23 00


Campus Blairon 488
2300 Turnhout

Contact: Frank Persyn
Email: frank@ddmconsulting.euPhone: +32 14 40 50 10


Im Mediapark 5
50670 Köln

Contact: Roger Otto
Email: roger@ddmconsulting.euPhone: +49 221 9820 9760


Nikolaistr. 12-14
04109 Leipzig

Contact: Verena Ehbrecht
Email: V.Ehbrecht@converneo.dePhone: +49 341 22 389 100


Wilhelm Schütze mbH Berlin
Max-Dohrn-Straße 8-10 | 10589 Berlin

Contact: Dirk Walla
Email: dirk.walla@wtg.comPhone: +49 30 85001 0


Avenida de Europa 1, 28108 Alcobendas (Madrid), Spain

Contact: Alvaro Arroyo Cañadas


Camino Fuente de la Mora 1, 28050, Madrid, Spain

Contact: Marcos González
Reykjavikplein 1,
P.O. Box 2575,
3500 GN Utrecht

Contact: Rene Witjes
Email: rene.witjes@capgemini.comPhone: +31 6 211 75 214
Santa Hortensia 26-28
28002 Madrid
Lange Dreef 11-C
4131NJ Vianen

Contact: Rijk van Ooijen
Email: rijk@ddmconsulting.euPhone: +31 347 322 551

Odigo is a true end-to-end partner. But don’t just take our word for it:

As a solution provider, we actively support our customers in adopting digital and cloud-based technologies. With the help of Odigo’s solution, which we now regard as part of our WTG cloud solution strategy, we have the perfect enterprise solution for large call centres in our portfolio.
Dirk Walla
CEO at WTG communication GmbH

Dirk Walla
converneo already has an excellent track record in the corporate CX market. This partnership will enable us to maintain our status as a preferred CX partner and industry expert due to Odigo’s high level of integration capabilities and flexibility. Working with Odigo will increase our ability to further expand core applications, especially in the CCaaS environment.
Sebastian Quart
Managing Director at converneo GmbH

Sebastian Quart
DDM Consulting already has an outstanding track record in the enterprise CX market. This partnership will enable us to enhance our status as a CX partner of choice, due to Odigo’s formidable integration capabilities with core applications.
Napoleon Theuns
CEO at DDM Consulting

Napoleon Theuns
  • WTG communication GmbH
  • converneo GmbH
  • DDM Consulting

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February 11, 2020 3 ways to finetune your finance contact centre

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Learn about the benefits of the Odigo partner program and our partner ecosystem

Learn about the benefits of the Odigo partner program and our partner ecosystem


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