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Prior to COVID, digital interactions were already establishing a foothold as an alternative to voice. However, since the pandemic there has been a surge in the use of digital. This was in part down to increases in customer demand but also constraints on offline availability as physical premises closed and contact centres migrated advisors to work remotely. At the same time average handling time increased as both customers and colleagues dealt with the challenges that the coronavirus brought.

Voice is here to stay. Customers will always prefer the telephone channel for time-sensitive and complex interactions. What is clear however is that customers want alternatives.

In this report we have explored who customers are interacting with and why; serving vulnerable customers; the need for businesses to provide true omni-channel and self-serve options, noting that the best approach for customers and contact centres varies by sector and by customer journey.

The research, supported by Odigo, uncovered five discoveries for contact centre leaders. Download the report to learn more.

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Download the report to learn more.

Download the report