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CCMA Research and Reports

Odigo is proud of its continued partnership with the Call Centre Management Association (CCMA). The CCMA is the longest established contact centre industry body dedicated to providing contact centre leaders with opportunities to network, openly share best practices, and increase their skills and knowledge through specialist training.

The Call Centre Management Association (CCMA) aims to:

  • Offer timely and impartial advice to contact centre leaders,
  • Keep contact centre leaders up-to-date with industry changes,
  • Provide credible benchmarking information,
  • Increase awareness of the latest trends and developments.

Odigo’s partnership goes towards supporting important CCMA research. Data, contact centre metrics and questionnaires are expertly interpreted to inform strategy and customer service processes.

Voice of the Contact Centre Customer
Download the latest CCMA research
Download the latest CCMA research

The Voice of the Contact Centre Customer

A CCMA research paper

The CCMA conducts an annual comprehensive study into the opinions and experiences of those that interact with contact centres: the Voice of the Contact Centre Consumer. Each year the CCMA research uncovers customer contact centre needs, expectations and behaviours.

Produced specifically for the UK contact centre leaders, Odigo is proud to support the Voice of the Contact Centre Customer‘ CCMA research initiative.

With a comprehensive two-phased research approach, the CCMA research paper combines unique viewpoints from industry leaders with insightful breakdowns of the data. This approach enhances the interpretation of contact centre customer opinion and provides insight for contact centre leaders. The strategic role contact centres play in CX means that they are fast becoming the faces of the organisations they support. How should contact centres respond to changing customer attitudes and expectations?

2022 Voice of the Contact Centre Customer

2021 Voice of the Contact Centre Customer

Webinar: Watch Stephen Yap present the CCMA research

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Supporting Vulnerable Customers in the Contact Centre
Download the CCMA research
Download the CCMA research

Supporting Vulnerable Customers in the Contact Centre

A CCMA research paper

Customer vulnerability was amplified by the pandemic with two out of three adults (66%) in the UK self-identifying as having at least one vulnerability.

Vulnerable customers are at a greater risk of harm due to financial, health or capability constraints. It is vital that every contact centre knows how to identify vulnerable customers and tailor services accordingly to minimise the risk of harm.

To provide insight to help contact centres develop their strategies for vulnerable customers, CCMA with the support of Odigo commissioned bespoke research to understand vulnerable people: who they are, their specific contact needs and expectations. This research seeks to provide answers to some of the most pressing questions around customer vulnerability:

  • How to identify vulnerable customers?
  • What types of vulnerabilities exist?
  • How did the pandemic impact vulnerability?
  • What needs to be done to encourage vulnerable customers to seek support?
  • What techniques and technology are providers using now to support vulnerable people?

The CCMA, commissioned by Odigo, conducted bespoke research to explore customer experience and vulnerability. Real insight and collaborative problem solving can better inform the development of supportive contact centre strategies.

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2022 Voice of the Contact Centre Customer Download the 2022 research.

2021 Voice of the Contact Centre CustomerDownload the 2021 research.

Supporting vulnerable customers in the contact centre Download the research.

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