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Provide 24/7 customer support while freeing up agents' time with an omnichannel bot

With banks reducing their number of brick-and-mortar locations, how can they continue to deliver rewarding, personalised customer experience? One way is to harness the transformative power of automation. By handling more and more use cases, an omnichannel bot can drive customer service efficiency, reduce costs and enable banking advisors to focus on high-value interactions.
Provide 24/7 customer support while freeing up agents' time with an omnichannel bot
April 16, 2021 4 min of reading

The overview

A multinational financial institution wants to accelerate its transition away from physical locations while continuing to provide the personalised, customer-centric care it is known for. To take its global transformation program to the next level, it needs to replace its legacy, on-site technology with a cloud solution that would enable it to automate certain aspects of its customer service. The end goal? Being able to provide assistance to customers 24/7 and freeing up time for banking advisors to deal with more complex or emotional issues.

The challenge

Empowering customers with value-added self-service abilities on all voice and digital channels anywhere, at any time and from any device.

The bank wants to:

  • Acquire 24/7 self-service capabilities on all its voice and digital channels, 
  • Ensure that the bot tone of voice and persona are consistent with the brand, 
  • Provide a natural and personalised experience that looks and feels consistent across all channels.

The solution

A tailor-made omnichannel bot that handles all the digital and voice interactions that can be resolved using self-service. Odigo makes this possible with:

Committed experts

  • Design scenarios with CX teams
  • Craft bot responses
  • Periodical corpus updates by Odigo teams

Channel-optimised features

  • Mini apps and user experience (UX) enablers
  • Digital touchpoint-specific widgets
  • Speech-to-text (STT) and text-to-speech (TTS)

Dialog manager

  • Run qualification and conversational AI scenarios that enable reliable self-service 
  • Manage conversational flow by dynamically adapting to the context

NLU engine

  • Based on an advanced neural network 
  • Industry-specific bootstrap corpus
  • 10+ years machine learning experience

The benefits

80% of routine questions answered via a chatbot*
77% lower average handle times (AHT)*
20% to 40% increase in customer spend*
30% reduction in customer service costs*
Personalised 24/7 self-service
Increased customer engagement
Real-time feedback
Improved first contact resolution (FCR) rates

*Based on proprietary Odigo data

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