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Maximise existing AI by integrating it with a CCaaS solution that consistently manages customer interactions

Optimise interactions with customers. Deliver consistent, end-to-end customer experience across channels through a single platform that enables coherent conversations by integrating third-party AI with Odigo AI.
Maximise existing AI by integrating it with a CCaaS solution that consistently manages customer interactions
April 18, 2021 4 min of reading

The overview

A leading healthcare provider wants to increase AI’s role in customer service. Having successfully deployed a chatbot the previous year, the company does not want to lose this investment. Instead, this organisation wants to integrate its existing AI with an omnichannel, end-to-end solution from a reputable Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) market leader. The objective is to further automate simple tasks by offering self-service options, thereby enabling agents to concentrate on high-value interactions.

The challenge

Ensuring consistent interactions between customers, bots and agents across all channels that unifies various solutions and customer experience tools for smooth transfers of information.

The solution

Odigo guarantees the overall coherence of conversations by integrating Odigo solutions into an organisation’s CX ecosystem and augmenting them with third party conversational AI that has advanced natural language processing (NLP) capabilities.

Odigo AI helps with qualifying an interaction during the first customer contact and initiates conversation.
By transferring the context of conversations, all or part of the conversation scenarios is delegated to third-party bots through a secure connection.
Despite transferring a conversation to a third-party bot, Odigo guarantees seamless experiences by ensuring agent escalation remains possible.

By using a dialogue manager, it is possible to integrate natural language understanding (NLU) models.
The openness of Odigo tech infrastructure makes it possible to compliment Odigo natural language understanding with third-party AI.

The benefits

Maximized AI investments
Smooth integration with Google Dialogflow and IBM Watson
AI-powered end-to-end experiences
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