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How contextual routing improves customer and agent experiences while increasing contact centre efficiency

Routing customers to the right agent at the right time drives customer loyalty, engages agents and turns contact centres into value centres.
How contextual routing improves customer and agent experiences while increasing contact centre efficiency
April 15, 2021 4 min of reading

The overview

A semi-public utility company has noticed increasing numbers of customers are reaching out to its customer service, as opposed to physical touchpoints. The spikes in volume are not being handled as effectively as they could be, with improvement needed in regards to first contact resolution (FCR), average handle time (AHT) and customer effort scores (CES). Additionally, the churn rate among contact centre agents has risen, a trend management hopes to reverse by increasing agent engagement, which in turn raises job satisfaction.

The challenge

Connecting customers to the agents ideally suited to handle a given situation. This means providing agents with a 360-degree view of the current situation by collecting relevant data from past interactions. Factoring in customer history, profile and needs should then enable a swift transfer to the agent with the expertise and required skill set to achieve a quick, effective resolution.

The solution

A contextual routing strategy customised to meet customers’ needs and leverage agents’ skills.

Intuitive interface

Establish and refine routing rules that put customer engagement strategies into practice.

Time-sensitive routing rules

Activate routing rules on specific dates and at certain times.

Data-rich routing decisions

Leverage data from the CRM and other tools in automated routing decisions.

Routing rule analysis

Test and evaluate routing rules before operationalising them, while analysing the effectiveness of current rules.

The benefits

Lower AHT
Higher FCR rates
Improved CES
Tailor-made CX strategies based on routing and distribution rules
Increased agent engagement

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